Dasha, Age:20, diagnose: infantile cerebral paralysis, hemiplegia III stage, convulsive syndrome.

Dear friends! Due to the help of many people Dasha has received 3 operations in a clinic in Germany. You can view a report on our stay in the clinic in the “photos” section. At present Dasha can sit in the wheel chair. The convulsions ceased entirely. But we need to continue our treatment in the clinic in Germany because Dasha’s right hip joint is very painful and there is a chance that it may share the fate of the left joint that was already operated on. To continue our treatment we need to pay the clinic 48491,62 euro. We do not have such a money. Without your help we will not be able to cope with that and to proceed with the treatment. We can’t stop at this stage as in that case all our efforts will be in vain. Please, help us to complete the treatment. Both of us rely on the generosity of your support and believe in the victory over the pain. Even the smallest amount donated by you is very important to us. Our deepest thanks go to everyone who is able to help and support us in such a difficult time. God save you!

Every mother knows the joy that comes with the birth of a child, and how quickly the pain is forgotten. Our pain didn't go away; it has been with us for the past 16 years, physical pain for my daughter and emotional pain for me.

Dasha was born on September 26, 1993 and was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy, 3rd degree hemiplegia and convulsive syndrome. In the past year Dasha's condition has substantially worsened. The joints in her legs have stopped extending and Dasha can only lie. Due to the spasms in her legs she can't sit, not even in a wheelchair. Her pains are so sever that we practically don't sleep at night and every movement comes with great effort and with tears.

We were planning to have an operation in Tula, but as a result of the frequent attacks the operation there was postponed by 3 months. Unfortunately we can't make it for 3 months without attacks.

Consequently we found a clinic in Erlangen, Germany, where they can do both the treatment and the operation. The amount needed for the services of the clinic is 20,000 euros. Also we need to use a special flight, whitch will deliver Dasha there and back, accompanied by a doctor. The fee for this flight is 17,800 euros one way. Unfortunately Dasha can't travel in any other way. The total sum for the flights and the treatment is - 55,600 euros. We are hopefull that one of the flights will be paid for by the German foundations in the amount of 17,800 euros. If that indeed shall happen we will write about it immediately. This is an amount I can't acquire in a lifetime. I can't work due to the fact that I am constantly by my daughter's side for the past 16 years. We live together, just the two of us.

I am coming to you with an enormous financial request. Help us, please, with the collection of funds for this treatment. Without your help we can't handle this terrifying disease. I want to thank in advance all those who answer our call for help. God bless you.